Diamond Info

couple_info.gifThere's no gift like a diamond. Diamonds are as dazzling as daylight, as seductive as moonlight, and as romantic as candlelight. In fact diamonds literally inhale light and exhale fire. They are the ultimate symbol of love. The only thing that sparkles more than a diamond, is the love in the eyes of the person who receives one.

Diamonds are treasured as love's silent reminder. Their beauty is judged based on four categories known as the four C's. Each of these attributes listed above can be measured and graded although somewhat subjectively. Your mission is to find the diamond that speaks the language of your love; the diamond that uniquely represents all that she is and all that you feel for each other. It’s very personal. Watch for subtle hints. She’ll let you know what she likes. She can register all her preferences either on line or in our store.

Explore. Ask questions along the way. Click on contact us or give us a call at 800-859-3135. Keep in mind that grades do not tell the whole story. There is a difference between comparing diamond grades and comparing diamonds. To compare diamonds, you must see them. The numbers, letters, angles and statistics are meaningless without seeing in person how they translate into a diamond that dances with color and radiates bursts of light. Once you compare with your own eyes, you may be surprised to learn that choosing a diamond is really a simple thing. You’ll know the instant you see it. Discover for yourself at Mills Jewelers in Lockport. You'll enjoy the whole experience.

We require certificates of origin through the "Kimberly Process" to insure all diamonds from
Mills Jewelers are "Conflict Free."