Carat Weight - Why it matters

couple_weight.gifCarat Weight is one of the 4C's along with clarity, color, and cut.  

  1. Weight is not the same thing as size. If the weight may be concentrated in the depth the diameter will look smaller. If the diamond is shallow, a diamond of the same weight will look larger. However it may not sparkle as much. 
  2. Many times a diamond cutter will make a diamond a little shallower or a little deeper in order to make it weigh more. That’s because the weight can be the first consideration for most people. Extra weight can change the most desirable angles and therefore the amount of light that radiates from the stone. Carat weight is only a figure but an easily measurable one that friends and family will understand before angles of refraction. The weight is definitely an issue that belongs in the balance.
  3. scale.gifHave you ever watched a diamond being weighed? Diamond jewelry that is already set tends to be rounded off to the nearest fraction. The tag on the ring says 3/4 carat but the actual weight may be .72 carat. An accurate scale is one of the diamond discovery tools we make available to you. By placing your diamond on the scale, you can be confident of the exact weight and verify that the paper certification matches the diamond you are considering.
  4. Would you wear a potato? Both diamonds and potatoes are sold by weight. Potatoes are sold by the pound. Diamonds are sold by carat weight. Why then can two diamonds weighing exactly the same sell for $2000 and $10,000? The difference is in the other of the 4 C's, clarity, color, and cut. Comparing the $2000 diamond with the $10,000 diamond is like comparing potatoes with diamonds. A potato on your ring finger is probably not what you had in mind.
  5. dia-closeup.gifAt the risk of taking the potato thing too far… unlike with potatoes, weight in diamonds affects rarity. The rarer the diamond, the higher the value. Two potatoes won’t cost you any more per pound than one. With all other characteristics being equal, a diamond of two carat may be valued at four times a diamond weighing one carat. Because it is rarer in nature, owning it will also be rarer among your friends.

We require certificates of origin through the "Kimberly Process" to insure all diamonds from
Mills Jewelers are "Conflict Free."