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“Both my husband and I bought our wedding rings from here, along with my engagement ring was purchased as well. For my husband’s ring it was literally done within minutes (since he knew what he wanted), mine was more tricky. since they custom made my engagement ring, they went through several options with me and continued to stay in touch with me via email until i made a decision on what to do. they sent me digital images of what my ring would look like along my engagement ring and anything else i requested. they were extremely professional but also very personable which is amazing.”

Michelle M.

This pendant’s design is exceptionally well done. A gorgeous pearl is held by a White Gold, diamond encrusted ribbon; ever so effortlessly. This pendant’s appearance is truly delicate and enchanting. Just as this pearl is seemingly hugged with ease, let this express the same sentiment you hold for your loved ones. #Pearls #Finejewelery #Diamonds #Pendant #love #Fashion #14kgold #Lockportbeautiful #projectlockport #explorelockport #shoplocal #716 ...

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Wishing all of our customers born in the month of March a Happy Birthday. Did you know that Aquamarine is one of your birthstones? It is also the gemstone that represents 19th wedding anniversaries. It comes in a range of greenish blues to sky blues. The name “aquamarine” derives from two Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” It ranks between a 7.5 and an 8.0 on Mohs Hardness Scale, making it a pretty durable gemstone. It is said to be ‘’the stone of courage and protection’’. It was once used to heal the sick, purify water and protect traveling sailors. Today, it is still believed to have many metaphysical properties, such as calming the mind, invoking tolerance and judgmentalism of others and enhances spiritual communication, to name a few. This gemstone is so adored, that in 1952, the Brazilian government gifted Queen Elizabeth II an Aquamarine necklace and pair of earrings upon her coronation. She loved these pieces so much, that she had her jeweler make a matching Parure, that she still favors to this day. #aquamarine #Finejewelery #Diamonds #Pendant #earrings #rings #14kgold #Lockportbeautiful #projectlockport #explorelockport #shoplocal #716 ...

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This piece is like a cataclysm of stars. The .98 carat Morganite in the center is exploding with passionate energy, sending scatterings of accenting rose cut diamonds around itself. The 14k Rose Gold setting, radiates warmth, while holding these brilliant gemstones in it’s orbit. #2021 #Gemstones #FineJewelery #14kGold #Morganite #Pendant #Diamonds #716 #ShopLocal #LockportBeautiful #ProjectLockport #ExploreLockport #morganite ...

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Let this pendant portray all of the important people in your inner circle; like the links of life, grounding you, making you feel secure. To have a constant reminder about all of your loved ones that you hold most dear. What an amazing gift this would make! #2021 #Gemstones #FineJewelery #14kGold #TwoTone #Pendant #Diamonds #716 #ShopLocal #LockportBeautiful #ProjectLockport #ExploreLockport ...

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