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We’ll help you navigate the differences

Even though they are grown in laboratory conditions, Lab Grown Diamonds still vary in clarity, color and cut grades. The differences must be seen. We go deeper than the documentation to offer you diamonds that display unrivaled brilliance. We bring you a better diamond experience.

  • Free lifetime diamond warranty
  • Every lab grown diamond comes with full documentation and appraisal.
  • View and compare a selection of diamonds in person.
  • Customize your ring so that your ring is only your ring.
  • Be there and watch your diamond being set in person.

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. They are manufactured in labs under conditions that mimic the natural diamond-forming process, like high pressures and high temperatures.
The value of lab created diamonds is more highly influenced by advances in technology and manufacturing capacity. The resulting affordability allows you to select a larger diamond within your budget.

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