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Welcome To Mills Jewelers Lockport NY!
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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a fun and exciting new way to experience your jewelry. There are only a few steps and it is a safe and easy process.

Bracelets are chosen and sized to fit. They can also be customized with charms.
A precise point arc welder will be used to weld a chain and components together and securely around your wrist or ankle; without a clasp.

Not so sure about “permanent”? If you need your jewelry to be removed for any reason, just cut it off! We’ll re-connect the weld at no charge up to two times within five years at no charge. 


Minimum age of 12. All minors must be accompanied by a parent and or guardian(s).
Ineligible if person(s) has a pace maker implant.
Ineligible if person(s) has an allergy to gold and or silver. 

There are steps required to access our private permanent jewelry room.